Provision Store

Our range of food and beverage supplies are almost infinite; From local produce to a huge range of specialties from all over the world. More than 13,000 different food and beverage items are in our warehouse inventory. We ensure high quality standards through our global network of audited suppliers. Bulk purchasing around the globe enable favourable conditions for our customers. In order to ensure best quality, we buy local specialities and fresh produce on the spot from local suppliers.

Fresh Food
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dairy Products
  • Baking Products
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Fresh Meat
  • Pastry, Desserts & Sweets
Frozen Food
  • Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
  • Frozen Meat
  • Frozen Fish
Dry Food
  • Legumes, Flour & Baking Products
  • Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar & Infusions
  • Oil & Greases
  • Sauces, Spices & Herbs
  • Canned Products
  • Snacks, Nuts & Dried Fruits
Ethnic Food
  • American
  • Asian
  • Italian
  • Others
Having good meals for the ship crew is very important. We at SP Ship Supply & Engineering always make sure to supply the absolute highest quality and freshest foods available. With our years of experience in field of chandling, we provide wide range of options for food items to be used on ship.